Join our Childrens Day Campaign

Win Half Bag of Friska Baby Cereal Sachets!

To all the amazing mothers in our community! We hope you and your little ones are enjoying our baby cereal samples. As we celebrate Children’s Day, we have an exciting campaign lined up just for you.

To show our appreciation for your trust in our products, we are launching a special campaign where you have a chance to win half bag of our friska baby cereal sachets . All mothers who have purchased packs of both variants of our baby cereal, either before or after trying the free sample sachets we sent, are eligible to participate.

Here’s what you need to do to enter the campaign : Create a sixty-second video featuring yourself, your adorable baby, and the packs of Friska Baby Cereal. In the video, kindly include the following details:

Introduce yourselves : Start by stating the names of both the baby and the mother.

Share your experience : Let us know how you discovered Friska Baby Cereal.

Highlight the top three things you like about our cereal : Share what makes our cereal special and why you and your little one enjoy it.

Discuss the positive changes you’ve noticed since using our cereal : Tell us about any improvements you’ve observed in your baby’s well-being or development.

Offer advice to other mothers : Share some words of wisdom or guidance for fellow mothers who might be considering trying Friska Baby Cereal.

The campaign will run until noon on May 27, 2023. After reviewing the entries, we will select the top ten videos as our winners. This videos will be posted and promoted on our social media platforms.

To participate, please submit your video via the form below

We can’t wait to see your wonderful videos and hear your experiences with Friska Baby Cereal. Good luck to all the participating mothers! Remember, your love and care mean the world to us.